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Accident occurence in tram traffic.
C 21147 (In: C 21105 CD-ROM) /81 / ITRD E205750
Schnabel, W. & Korn, J.
In: Proceedings of the Conference Road Safety on Three Continents in Pretoria, South Africa, 20-22 September 2000, VTI Konferens 15A, p. 516-526, 7 ref.

Samenvatting This study deals with an analysis of the tram accident occurrences in Dresden in 1995 and 1996. The total length of the tram network is about 129 km. More than 70 per cent are road-level tracks, almost 20 per cent are separate tracks and nearly 10 per cent are independent tracks. More than 1000 tram accidents happened in each examined year. About 25 per cent were accidents with personal injury. More than 90 per cent were not caused by tram drivers but by drivers of other vehicles involved. About 80 per cent of the accidents happened on road-level tracks. Within the tram network more than 70 accident black spots were found. For each of them at least five accidents in tram traffic per year are recorded. An evaluation of these accident black spots has shown different typical track-road combinations with increased risk of accidents. Different measures to improve safety in tram traffic are recommended. (Author/publisher)
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