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Applying technology for safety.
C 21073 (In: C 21068) /91 / ITRD E111397
Rault, A.
In: New routes to safety : delivering Britain's aggressive casualty reduction target : proceedings of a one-day conference organised by the AA Foundation for Road Safety Research at the Royal Society of Arts, London, on 30 November 2000, p. 17-19

Samenvatting This paper presents an overview of present concerns within EUCAR, the research association of European car manufacturers. Safety has to be worked at and means aiming for a near-zero accident rate: systems in and out of the vehicle are required. The interaction of driver and vehicle is critical: the workload imposed on the driver must be one capable of being undertaken by any person. Safety is divided into preventive and active functions. Complex active safety functions including anti-collision systems have to integrate many components and co-operation is required between manufacturers, researchers and governmental agencies. Driver-car interaction provides assistance to the driver to reduce the amount of attention spent on non-driving tasks.
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