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Automatic incident detection and early driver warning system for black spot areas.
C 20726 (In: C 20695) /73 / IRRD 866059
Lichter, I.A.
In: Traffic technology international '94, p. 156-159

Samenvatting The ROAD GUARD system employs state of the art measuring and display technology, realtime data processing and communication by networks to provide a realtime warning system to drivers of traffic incidents and violations. Three main components are described: a) the traffic measurement and sensor network, b) the roadside processor network and c) the light post network. The operation of the system is outlined. Data processing and control of the lightwaves takes place in the roadside processors. The types of incident which can be detected are listed. The variety of light post displays possible are described. The system is particularly recommended for road sections with high accident rates. Results are reported from a test section in Portugal.
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