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Snelheidsgedrag van brom- en snorfietsers.
C 20339 [electronic version only] /83 /
Mulder, J.A.G.
Leidschendam, Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid SWOV, 1998, 24 p., 1 ref.; D-98-4

Samenvatting In 1992, the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research conducted a limited study into the speeding behaviour of moped and low-speed moped riders (See C 1953 (ITRD 860114)). This study showed that the riders of both types of two-wheeled vehicles considerably exceeded the speed limits applicable to their type of vehicles. Since that time, agreements have been made between the sector in question and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works that were intended to reduce the severity of the speeding behaviour exhibited by these road users, especially the low-speed moped riders. This small-scaled study was intended to consider whether those agreements have actually had an effect. The study's findings indicate that both the moped and the low-speed moped riders are exceeding the speed limits applicable to their vehicles to an even greater extent than was the case in 1992. The agreements made, but more particularly their enforcement, appear not to have achieved the desired results.
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