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Simulation study of the accident reduction effect with advanced cruise-assist highway system.
C 19884 (In: C 19519 CD-ROM) /73 /91 / ITRD E110917
Mizutani, H. Kano, T. Suetomi, T. & Sumida, M.
In: ITS: smarter, smoother, safer, sooner : proceedings of 6th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), held Toronto, Canada, November 8-12, 1999, Pp-

Samenvatting The Advanced Cruise-Assist Highway Research Association (AHSRA) is conducting research into advanced cruise-assist highway system (AHS) to realize transport safety needs under commission of the Public Works Research Institute (PWRI) of the Ministry of Construction. Due to the need to evaluate in advance the efficacy of the new system, AHS traffic simulation system was developed in order to asses the extent to which the principal user services for AHS safety are able to cut down traffic accidents. (A*)
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