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Safety relevant information in traffic control systems : concepts for a quality and safety management.
C 19810 (In: C 19519 CD-ROM) /73 /91 / ITRD E110701
Schnieder, E. Schroeder, M. & Rover, S.
In: ITS: smarter, smoother, safer, sooner : proceedings of 6th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), held Toronto, Canada, November 8-12, 1999, Pp-

Samenvatting In modern traffic control systems, e.g. for train control the European Train Control System ETCS or for vehicle control the Automated Highway Systems (Platooning systems), the intelligence will be shifted onboard. Furthermore some hardware functionality will be replaced by software - the information technology enters this field of application. The future execution of safety relevant functions like positioning, headway control (moving block) or dynamic speed supervision is based on reliable information. This information is stored in digital databases or route maps. In order to ensure the reliability of information in the context of RAMS, an appropriate quality and safety management is necessary. This paper presents a concept for such a management system designed for train control systems also being suitable for intelligent transportation systems like automated highway systems. (A*)
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