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Automated highway system experiments in the PATH (Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways) Program.
C 19355 [electronic version only] /73 /91 / ITRD E110281
Chang, K.S. Hedrick, J.K. Zhang, W.-B. Variaya, P. Tomizuka, M. & Shladover, S.E.
IVHS Journal, Vol. 1 (1993), No. 1, p. 63-87, 16 ref.

Samenvatting The accomplishments to date on the experimental evaluation of Advanced Vehicle Control Systems (AVCS) technology for highway automation in the California PATH (Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways) Program are summarised. The AVCS activities at PATH can be divided into two groups: longitudinal vehicle control and lateral vehicle control. The paper describes each of the activities with a concentration on experimental results achieved to date. The experimental set-ups and results are presented, followed by near-term plans for further work. (A) This paper was discussed by R. Fenton on p. 101-102 and N. Komoda on p. 102-103 with the authors' reply provided on p. 103-104 of this issue.
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