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National road safety policy.
C 19337 (In: C 19307 [electronic version only]) /10 /72 /73 /81 /85 / ITRD E110779
Ganev, D.
In: Proceedings of Road safety for Central and Eastern Europe : a policy seminar, Budapest, Hungary, October 17-21, 1994, p. 347-348

Samenvatting Difficulties in the collection of accurate accident statistics in Bulgaria are described. Losses of expert groups and specialised teams working on road safety as a result of recent political and economic change need to be reversed. Involving local government in road safety, particularly better traffic control, road maintenance, road signs, road markings and remedial measures at accident black spots is considered important and legislated for. However local authorities tend to regard the financing of road safety to be a central rather than a local government responsibility.
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