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Road police and road safety measures.
C 19311 (In: C 19307 [electronic version only]) /10 /73 /80 / ITRD E110753
Ganev, D.
In: Proceedings of Road safety for Central and Eastern Europe : a policy seminar, Budapest, Hungary, October 17-21, 1994, p. 143-145

Samenvatting The situation in Bulgaria is described. The traffic police are responsible mainly for the control of road traffic and the Guards for guarding objects of importance, but these forces can be regrouped when required and both have authority on the roads. Methods used for the investigation of road accidents and black spots are described. Only 16-20% of accident black spots have been made safer because of lack of funds. Legislation to improve road safety is outlined. Much of the equipment used by the police is outdated. Future plans for policing are outlined.
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