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Integration of needs of moped and motorcycle riders into safety measures : review and statistical analysis in the framework of the European research project PROMISING (Promotion of Measures for Vulnerable Road Users), Workpackage 3.
C 19231 [electronic version only] /81 /83 /91 /73 / ITRD E206417
Noordzij, P.C. Forke, E. Brendicke, R. & Chinn, B.P.
Leidschendam, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, 2001, 212 p., 269 ref.; D-2001-5

Samenvatting The PROMISING project for DG VII of the European Union (EU) is aimed at the development and promotion of measures to improve the safety of vulnerable road users and inexperienced drivers and riders. This report is part of PROMISING and is concerned with riders of motorised two-wheelers. The report gives a review of statistical information on the use and safety, and of legislation, concerning mopeds and motorcycles for Western European countries. Also a review of the literature on safety problems and measures is given. The report concludes with a list of recommendations. For the abstract of the final report of PROMISING see C 19230 (ITRD E206416).
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