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Promotion of mobility and safety of vulnerable road users : final report of the European research project PROMISING (Promotion of Measures for Vulnerable Road Users).
C 19230 [electronic version only] /81 /83 /72 /73 /82 /91 /10 / ITRD E206416
Wittink, R.
Leidschendam, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, 2001, 97 p., 19 ref.; D-2001-3

Samenvatting This final report of the European PROMISING research project integrates the findings of the work of six workpackages (For workpackage 3 see C 19231 (ITRD E206417). The reports of these workpackages are available separately. The final report selects main findings of the different workpackages and combines the results as much as possible. The report is policy-oriented and illustrated with photos and clear examples, in accordance with the requests of the European Union (EU) DG VII, the commissioner of the project. The aim of the PROMISING project was to develop measures that reduce the risk of injury to vulnerable and young road users as much as possible in a non-restrictive way. That is to say that safety and mobility must be improved together; the improvement of safety should not take place at the cost of reduced mobility. The potential for problem reduction was specified for four target groups of vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists, motorised two-wheelers (motorcyclists and riders of mopeds), and young car drivers. The differences between European countries in their transport modes were taken into consideration.
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