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Drugs and driving in Australia.
C 18729 [electronic version only] /83 / ITRD E202525
Potter, J.
Haymarket, NSW, AUSTROADS, 2000, VII + 47 p., 64 ref.; AP-R172/00 - ISBN 0-85588-558-0

Samenvatting The effects of alcohol on drivers in reducing abilities and increasing the risk of being involved in road crashes is well known. In principle, any substance affecting the central nervous system can affect the abilities required to safely control a motor vehicle. Taking account of work already undertaken by the Commonwealth, states and territories, the Australian Transport Council of Ministers at its December 1998 meeting requested that Austroads undertake further research into the links between drugs (other than alcohol) and both crash risk and driver performance skills. Drugs and Driving in Australia summarises recent and current research evidence relating to the crash risks and impairment of driver performance skills caused by drugs other than alcohol. (Author/publisher)
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