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Rattfylleriprogrammet i Stockholm : samverkansprogram Kriminalvården, Skyddsvärnet och Magnus Huss klinik, KS : utvärdering = The drunk driving program in Stockholm : a cooperative effort by the National Prison and Probation Administration, the Offender Aid Society, and Magnus Huss Clinic, Karolinska Hospital.
C 18560 S [electronic version only] /83 / IRRD E202865
Törnros, J.
Linköping, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute VTI, 1998, 38 + 28 p., 8 ref.; VTI Meddelande ; No. 842 - ISSN 0347-6049

Samenvatting The aim of the study was to evaluate a program in open care for drunk drivers in the Stockholm area. The study is in two parts, a recidivism study based on police files and a questionnaire study regarding attitudes, alcohol habits and knowledge of alcohol related matters. The program participants also evaluated the program. In the recidivism study those who started the program from January 1991 through 1993 were studied. 12 per cent of the 190 program participants recidivated within two years from the end of the program. In an individually matched control group of imprisoned drunk driver the recidivism rate was 16 percent. In the questionnaire study those who started the program from September 1993 through March 1996 were studied. Questions were asked on three occasions, at the start of the program, at the end and six months after the end of the program. Changed attitudes to driving with BAC were reported. Program evaluations were made by the participants. At the end of the program a large majority reported that it had been valuable to them. At the six months' follow up this figure was approximately the same but fewer persons stated that the program had been "very valuable" than at the end of the program.
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