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Bicycle and pedestrian facilities at small roundabouts in built-up areas.
C 18508 (In: C 18505 S) /72 /82 / ITRD E204749
Lange, J.
In: Proceedings of the conference `Traffic safety on two continents', Malmö, Sweden, September 20-22, 1999, VTI Konferens No. 13A, Part 5, p. 23-33, 5 ref.

Samenvatting Since the end of the 1980's small single lane roundabouts have been employed in built-up areas in Germany. Many research projects have dealt with different aspects of such roundabouts. However, the safety and the quality of traffic flow for vulnerable road users have not been sufficiently investigated. Almost no small roundabouts are known as accident black spots. However, many experts are of the opinion that roundabouts are at least the second choice when it comes to safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The paper presents an extensive investigation that in major parts may lead to a correction of this expert opinion. The research focused on whether cyclist should mix with vehicles or should be assigned to special bicycle facilities. It also investigated the influence of zebra crossings and traffic islands on safety and on the quality of traffic flow for both pedestrians and vehicles at small roundabouts. (A)
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