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Selection of the city road network elements with the lowest traffic safety level.
C 18498 (In: C 18492 S) /82 / ITRD E204740
Szczuraszek, T. Kempa, J. Bebyn, G. & Chmielewski, J.
In: Proceedings of the conference `Traffic safety on two continents', Malmö, Sweden, September 20-22, 1999, VTI Konferens No. 13A, Part 4, p. 81-95, 5 ref.

Samenvatting Every year the authors of this paper produce Annual Road Safety Reports for some Polish cities. Data comes from the Road Management Information System (RMIS) and analyses are primarily carried out on accident statistics, traffic data and road infrastructure data. In the paper focus is on the method used for identifying and select the worst sections of the road network using given road safety criteria's. A calculation method for the selection of accident black spots is presented. Finally, an example of the application of the procedure is given. The safety criteria in this example concerns safety of children on the way to and from school.
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