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The analysis of a level of an accident rate in Saint Petersburg.
C 18482 (In: C 18477 S) /81 / ITRD E204725
Solodky, A. & Rekhov, S.
In: Proceedings of the conference `Traffic safety on two continents', Malmö, Sweden, September 20-22, 1999, VTI Konferens No. 13A, Part 3, p. 49-61

Samenvatting The paper introduces the reader to the present traffic and traffic safety situation for St. Petersburg, Russia. Accidents statistics for the most recent years are presented with a brief discussion of possible contributing factors. The analysis leads the author to the following conclusions: (1) intersections are in general accident black spots; (2) pedestrian violations causes several accidents; (3) the absence of a high speed ring road is a significant contribution to the high level of accidents; (4) the insufficient amount of interchanges leads to conflicts and severe congestion's;and (5) the dramatic increase of traffic highlights the need for investment in an up to date traffic control system.
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