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BASTA : computer program to reduce the number of road accidents by identifying high risk locations.
C 18454 (In: C 18447 S) /81 / ITRD E204699
Wenk, S.
In: Proceedings of the conference `Traffic safety on two continents', Malmö, Sweden, September 20-22, 1999, VTI Konferens No. 13A, Part 1, p. 129-141

Samenvatting This paper presents how high risk locations could be identified with a computer program and more accurate input data. The work was carried out in Brandenburg, one of the new federal states in eastern Germany. The computer program BASTA categorises accidents by type and presents overviews of accidents on road network maps. This procedure makes it easy to identify accident black spots. It is also useful for determination of possible accident causes. The accident reduction program, where BASTA plays a part, has been a success. Brandenburg has been occupying the top position for many years when it comes to having the highest rate of fatal accident reduction.
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