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Vulnerable road users in today's traffic : a question of trade-off between mobility and safety.
C 18385 (In: C 18383 S) /72 /82 / ITRD E201758
Bernhoft, I.M.
In: Proceedings of the conference `Road safety in Europe', Birmingham, United Kingdom, September 9-11, 1996, VTI Konferens No. 7A, Part 1, p. 27-36

Samenvatting The still more rapid technological development enlarges the difference in exposure between various road users from day to day. Efforts are made towards enlarging the passive safety of cars - but even with cycle helmets or fluorescent bricks, cyclists and pedestrians will remain vulnerable. The proportion of fatally injured cyclists and pedestrians in the OECD countries varies from about 15% to 40% of all fatalities. The high proportions are of course found in countries with many cyclists and a relative high proportion of person kilometres on foot and by cycling. But on the other hand it is known that a lot of measures have already been taken in order to reduce the number of accidents with vulnerable road users in these countries. It is an important political objective to promote walking and cycling. Several countries include this goal in their traffic plans. But from a traffic safety point of view this strategy collides with the fact that it is more dangerous to walk and cycle than to go by car. A large number of studies have been carried out resulting in knowledge about which types of accidents occur most often, where, when and with whom. But still more research into the subject "Why do these accidents happen?" is needed. (A)
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