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Understanding driving : applying cognitive psychology to a complex everyday task.
C 17969 /83 / ITRD E107613
Groeger, J.A.
Routledge, Psychology Press, 2000, XVI + 254 p., 654 ref. - ISBN 0-415-18752-4

Samenvatting In this book, the author examines what is involved in the task of driving. There are ten chapters: (1) assessing distance, speed and time; (2) motor responses and behavioural repertoires; (3) combining perceptual-motor skills; (4) attention, automaticity, and distraction; (5) driver learning, instruction and training; (6) memory; (7) dangerous driving - arousal, assessment and hazard perception; (8) driver self belief, attitude, actual ability, appraisal; (9) driver age, neurological damage, effect of disease, dementia. In the final chapter, the author examines possibilities for future research which has implications for training, driver licensing and assessing the psychological fitness of people to drive. (The author is currently Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Surrey University, UK).
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