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Multiple DUI offenders in prison : a qualitative perspective.
C 17070 (In: C 17017 [electronic version only]) /83 / ITRD E107144
Carlson, R.G. Siegal, H.A. Rapp, R. & Falck, R.S.
In: Alcohol, drugs and traffic safety T2000 : proceedings of the 15th ICADTS International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety, Stockholm, Sweden, May 22nd - 26th, 2000, pp.-

Samenvatting As a result of recent legislation, habitual DUI offenders are sentenced to prison in the State of Ohio (USA). This paper describes how DUI offenders perceive their incarceration and what led to their imprisonment. The paper focuses on history of alcohol and drug use, history of DUI offences, and attitudes toward drug/alcohol abuse treatment. The analysis is based on qualitative interviews conducted with 12 white men in the fall of 1998. The average age was 33.1. All interviews were audio-taped (after receiving informed consent), transcribed and verified. Folio Views 4.11, a text management software, was used to code the transcripts for major themes. The majority of the participants believed that earlier interventions might have helped them avoid subsequent DUI offences. Most people felt that their incarceration was unjust and disabled them from providing for their families. About one third believed they would continue to drink alcohol upon their release, but would take special precautions to avoid driving while impaired. Participants' recommendations for what should be included in a prison-based drug and alcohol abuse treatment program are discussed.
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