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Safety in road traffic for vulnerable users.
C 16160 [electronic version only] /81 /82 /83 / ITRD E105974
European Conference of Ministers of Transport ECMT / CEMT
Paris, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD, 2000, 108 p. - ISBN 92-821-1255-1

Samenvatting This publication is the result of work by the ECMT Group on Road Safety on safety problems of vulnerable road users, conducted during 1996-98. It covers the following groups of vulnerable road users: (1) cyclists; (2) pedestrians; and (3) moped riders and motorcyclists. For each type of road user, there is a discussion of the current situation, including accident rates, the vehicle used (except for walkers), infrastructure, and road users, followed by recommendations for that type. The annexes include detailed tables of accident, fatality, and injury rates for all three types, and various other relevant tables. For all groups, the report recommends that further knowledge be obtained of their needs and risks, so that the necessary safety measures can be defined. For cyclists, the measures should relate especially to traffic management, road infrastructure, technical aspects of vehicles and safety systems, and behaviour. For pedestrians, they should relate especially to the organisation of traffic, road infrastructure, motor vehicles, and other road users. For moped riders and motorcyclists, they should relate especially to their vehicles, road infrastructure, the training that they should receive, and other road users. The aim is to develop strategies adapted to the specific features of each European country.
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