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Pedestrian activity and accident risk.
C 16146 /83 /
Ward, H. Cave, J. Morrison, A. Allsop, R. Evans, A. Kuiper, C. & Willumsen, L.
Basingstoke, Hampshire, Automobile Association AA Foundation for Road Safety Research, 1994, V + 126 p., 10 ref. + krtn.

Samenvatting The objectives of the study are: (i) to establish a methodology for measurements of pedestrian exposure to risk, and to define appropriate units for that measurement, in different road environments, including pedestrian areas; (ii) to undertake surveys of pedestrian activity in selected urban areas (speed limits up to 40 miles/h) to quantify these measures of exposure for different groups of pedestrians under different circumstances; and (iii) to establish relevant pedestrian casualty rates in reported traffic accidents, and identify levels of risk for different situations.
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