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Deployment scenarios for advanced driver assistance systems.
C 16050 [electronic version only] /91 /73 / ITRD E203594
Zwaneveld, P.J. Arem, B. van Bastiaensen, E.G.H.J. Soeteman, J.J. Frémont, G. Bélarbi, F. Ulmer, B. Bonnet, C. & Gölliger, H.
Delft, TNO Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Inro, Department of Traffic, 1999, X + 73 p., 31 ref.; TNO-rapport Inro/VK 1999-07 / 99/NK/100 - ISBN 90-6743-633-X

Samenvatting This report presents three deployment scenarios for Advanced Driver Assistance (ADA) systems in Europe. ADA systems are systems that wholly or partly automate or support driver's tasks. ADA systems can assist in dangerous or difficult situations and in taking over routine operations from the driver. Deployment scenarios are presented for passenger car transport, freight transport, and public transport. The main objective of the report is to provide the reader with an insight into a possible deployment scenario for each of the mentioned areas of transport. The term deployment scenario is used to indicate that developments are described from a technological viewpoint. This viewpoint is a consequence of the purpose and aim of the ADASE (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Europe) project of which the report is a deliverable. (A)
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