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National guidelines for alcohol ignition interlock programs for drink driving offenders.
C 15714 [electronic version only] /83 / IRRD 868222
Haymarket, NSW, AUSTROADS, 1995, 9 p.; AP-120 - ISBN 0-85588-465-7

Samenvatting An alcohol ignition interlock is a device fitted to a vehicle to physically prevent an alcohol-affected driver from starting it. In developing these guidelines, it was essential that some of the basic parameters involved were the same in all states: 1) to ensure that equipment is available to meet all Australian applications and costs are minimal; 2) to ensure that the administrative conditions applying to the programs are harmonised; 3) to ensure that an interlock condition imposed on a licence in one jurisdiction applies when drivers are visiting other states. The team undertook consultation among representatives from states and territories with the key aim of reaching agreement on technical specifications for interlock devices, including examination of issues relating to support infrastructure for the installation and servicing of interlocks under a program. (A)
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