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Schatting te verwachten aantal aanmeldingen voor een kenteken voor brom- en snorfietsen : cijfers gebaseerd op een enquête onder brom- en snorfietsbezitters. Een onderzoek uitgevoerd in opdracht van RDW Centrum voor Voertuigtechniek en Informatie.
C 14299 [electronic version only] /90 / IRRD E201642
Bos, J.M.J. & Schoon, C.C.
Leidschendam, Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid SWOV, 1999, 44 p., 3 ref.; R-98-69

Samenvatting In early 1998 it was assumed that, in the Netherlands from 1st May 1999, all new mopeds and light-mopeds (In Dutch: "snorfietsen") would require a vehicle registration number. The existing mopeds and light-mopeds would also be considered for registration if they required a technical test/inspection (for approval). The RDW Department of Roads Transport commissioned the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research to investigate how many of these 'existing' mopeds and light-mopeds would be offered for registration. However, when the report had been written, it was announced that the introduction date would be postponed. It was decided, together with RDW, to still publish the results, because the research method employed could be used for a new calculation when the new date became known. The study also included a survey among moped and light-moped riders about their opinions on: (a) the introduction soon of an obligatory vehicle registration combined with a technical test/inspection; and (b) on the future traffic law of 'mopeds on the carriageway'. The study also provided the opportunity of gathering current information about mopeds and light-mopeds, such as: annual kilometrage, tuned up or not, both analysed by type of moped/light-moped. It was established that about 300,000 mopeds and about 145,000 light-mopeds would be submitted for registration, if the moped and light-moped registration number would be introduced on 1st May 1999.
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