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Cycle helmets.
C 14297 [electronic version only] /83 /81 /10 / IRRD E102365
Morgan, D.R. (ed.) Glanville, H. & Harrison, N.
London, British Medical Association BMA, 1999, V + 38 p., 68 ref. - ISBN 0-7279-1430-8

Samenvatting This report was commissioned by the Board of Science and Education (BSE) of the British Medical Association (BMA). A resolution was passed at the BMA's 1998 Annual Representative Meeting, calling on the UK Government to make it compulsory for all cyclists on public roads to wear cycle helmets. In addressing this resolution, the BSE decided to focus on three key areas: (1) evidence of the extent and nature of injuries in cycling accidents; (2) standards in the design of cycle helmets; and (3) national and international evidence on the influence on cycling behaviour of making it compulsory to wear cycling helmets. The growth in traffic volume and speed in the last few decades has made the cycling environment increasingly unsafe, although accidents to cyclists have not necessarily increased, because many people may be discouraged from cycling and many cyclists may ride more carefully. A chart is given for cycle fatalities and serious injuries for different age groups in 1997, and a table is given for cyclist fatality and injury rates for 1987-97. Cycle helmets are discussed in relation to how much protection they provide, helmet safety standards, helmet tests, purchase and care, barriers to helmet wearing, the health benefits of cycling, and the compulsory wearing of helmets. Twelve recommendations are made.
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