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Korea autonomous road vehicle-III : experiment for night time driving.
C 13657 (In: C 13302 CD-ROM) /91 / IRRD 491769
Han, M.-H. & Rho, K.-H.
In: Mobility for everybody : proceedings of the fourth world congress on Intelligent Transport Systems ITS, Berlin, 21-24 October 1997, Paper No. 3111, 5 p., 5 ref.

Samenvatting Night time driving with a driverless vehicle on the expressway has been a challenge because of noise on the road image caused by poor illumination or glare from passing vehicles. Mimicking the human ability for detecting the lane boundary from an image cluttered with headlight glares, the vision system of the driverless vehicle extracts the lane boundary at night time, and can autonomously drive at 80-100km/hr on the expressway using ordinary low beams.
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