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Drugging and driving.
C 12238 (In: C 12233 [electronic version only]) /83 / IRRD 492598
Tunbridge, R.
In: Behavioural research in road safety VIII : proceedings of a seminar, 1998, p. 43-48

Samenvatting Between 1985 and 1987 the Transport and Road Research Laboratory carried out a study to measure the incidence of drugs in road accident fatalities. This showed that the incidence of prescription drugs (5.5%) and drugs of abuse (3%) was relatively low in comparison to alcohol, which was found in 35% of cases. Much recent evidence, however, has suggested that illicit drug taking in the community as a whole has increased considerably, since 1987, but there was little evidence on whether this increase has been reflected in the driving community. The DETR therefore began a new three year study, in October 1996, to look at the current incidence of drugs in road fatalities. The author goes on to consider some of the issues arising from the research which are of importance to the police, politicians and the public. These include: current drugs driving submissions to the Forensic Science Service by the police; roadside drug screening devices, and limits for drugs driving.
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