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Traffic safety for vulnerable clients : excellence step by step.
C 12096 (In: C 12074) /83 /85 / IRRD 898032
Davies, Y.
In: Traffic management and road safety : proceedings of seminar K (P419) held at the 25th PTRC European Transport Forum Annual Meeting, Brunel University, England, September 1-5, 1997, p. 249-261

Samenvatting This paper briefly describes many projects conducted by the Traffic Transportation Department of the City of Montreal, for improving the safety of vulnerable road users. Improvements have been made to the layout and equipment of existing and new pedestrian crossings, and the use of safe crossings has been encouraged. A safety promotion campaign, aimed at pedestrians, was recently completed. Additional safety features have been installed around school zones, and have been extended to pre-school kindergartens and to parks and gardens. Access ramps for wheelchairs are being provided at junctions and outside pedestrian crossings. The new policy of charging rental for occupying street space is helping to relieve congestion. Newspapers and broadcast media are given up-to-date information about street occupancies, due to special events and construction activities, to help drivers plan their routes. Over 60km of cycle paths have been built, and several reserved bus lanes have been introduced; both these networks are being extended. Local accident statistics are widely published and identify black spots. Enhancements are being made to urban main roads, including a new trucking network. Improvements to street lighting installations and policies include plans to use low-energy lights and sun-charged batteries.
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