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Work and sleep/rest factors associated with driving while drowsy experiences among long-distance truck drivers.
C 10803 (In: C 10796 S) /83 / IRRD 490561
McCartt, A.T. Hammer, M.C. & Fuller, S.Z.
In: Proceedings of the 41th Annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine AAAM, Orlando, Florida, November 10-11, 1997, p. 95-108, 11 ref.

Samenvatting A roadside survey of long-distance truck drivers in New York State determined the prevalence of sleepiness-related driving and associated job and sleep/rest factors. 25.4% of drivers fell asleep while driving a truck in the past year; 65.7% at least occasionally drove drowsy in the past month. Job and sleep/rest factors associated with these risky behaviours included type of carrier, violating hours-of-service regulations, tight delivery schedules, irregular work/rest schedules, and driving at night. Drivers believed that requiring realistic shipping schedules, education about "dangerous" drowsiness, and advance scheduling information for drivers would be most useful in reducing drowsiness. (A)
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