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Drunk driving in America : strategies and approaches to treatment.
C 9597 /83 / IRRD 808199
Valle, S.K. (ed.)
New York, NY, The Haworth Press, 1986, XI + 176 p., 231 ref.; Also published as Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly ; Vol. 3, No. 2 - ISBN 0-86656-603-1 (paperback)

Samenvatting This monograph contains a collection of articles related to research policy and treatment approaches to driving under the influence of alcohol in the United States. The book discusses the following subjects: alcohol and highway traffic safety efforts in the United States; sentencing the drunk driver; enhanced services for court-referred DUIL offenders; cognitive-behavioural group therapy for multiple-DUI offenders; creative interventions for DWI offenders; operating under the influence: programs and treatment for convicted offenders in Massachusetts; a comprehensive culturally specific approach to drunk driving for blacks; driving under the influence of gender discrimination; characteristics of men and women arrested for driving under the influence of liquor; an education program for collaterals of DWI offenders; the alteration of adolescent DUI; DUI offenders and mental health services providers: a shotgun marriage ?; the Longwood treatment centre: a residential program for multiple OUI offenders. (A) This text is also published in Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, Haworth Press, New York, USA, Vol. 31 (1983), No. 2.
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