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Junction improvements for vulnerable road users.
C 8492 (In: C 8483) /82 / IRRD 889280
Brownfield, J.
In: Traffic management and road safety : proceedings of seminar H (P407) held at the 24th PTRC European Transport Forum, Brunel University, England, September 2-6, 1996, 8 p.

Samenvatting Most accidents involving vulnerable road users in urban areas occur at junctions where they compete for road space and priority with motorised vehicles. The potential savings in casualties that could be achieved through the development of innovative junction design techniques are substantial. These benefits could be achieved by: (1) improving conspicuity and awareness; (2) controlling speed differentials; and (3) addressing the problems of failure to yield priority. This paper describes a major research project being undertaken for the Road Safety Division of the Department of Transport on methods for improving vulnerable road user safety at junctions. It sets out details of a wide range of creative schemes developed for trialing at a variety of locations on the road network. The schemes consist of totally new concepts or innovative developments of existing measures. Progress on the trials and the potential benefits that might be achieved are set out.
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