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Periodic motor vehicle inspection in Ireland : a systems evaluation with programme proposal. Thesis University College Dublin.
C 8269 [electronic version only] /95 / IRRD 226360
O'Sullivan, D.
Dublin, University College Dublin, Department of Industrial Engineering, 1969, IV + 75 + 43 p., 55 ref.

Samenvatting This report reviews the present world situation of periodic motor vehicle inspection (P.M.V.I.) and indicates that the best estimate of effectiveness made to date, for such programmes, is that of Fuchs and Levenson of the United States who claim a 5% to 10% reduction in road fatalities for U.S. States which have P.M.V.I. In the light of this review, the introduction of P.M.V.I. here is examined to ascertain to what extent it can be structured on a sequential decision taking basis, i.e., as a "move as proved" programmed.
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