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STAYSAFE 20 from the Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety : alcohol and other drugs on New South Wales NSW roads. II: offences, penalties and the management and rehabilitation of convicted drivers.
C 8262 /83 / IRRD 861188
Parliament of New South Wales Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety
Sydney, NSW, Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety (STAYSAFE), 1993, 237 p., 100 ref. - ISSN 0811-4005 / ISBN 0-7310-2058-8

Samenvatting This report reviews the procedures used to deal with drink drivers from the point of detection and arrest. In the main, the report examines the existing law relating to drink driving and canvasses the possibility of further development of drink driving law in the light of changes in community attitude. In broad terms, recommendations in this report will tighten up and toughen the current penalties imposed for drink driving offences, including immediate and certain licence suspension for all drink driving offenders. Recommendations are also made for the treatment of recidivist offenders, including such measures as ignition interlocks and the coordination of rehabilitation strategies. The Committee also makes recommendations on the matter in which drug driving is dealth with in the courts. (A)
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