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Åtgärder mot rattfylleri : litteraturöversikt = Drunk driving countermeasures : a literature survey.
C 8052 S /83 / IRRD 862559 (zie voor Engelse versie: C 7980 S)
Törnros, J.
Linköping, Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute VTI, 1993, II + 130 p., 296 ref.; VTI rapport ; 384 - ISSN 0347-6030

Samenvatting The object of this study was to evaluate different types of measures against drinking and driving on the basis of a review of the literature. In many cases it is found that the studies have not been strong enough for any evaluation to be possible. For some measures, however, results are available which permit certain conclusions to be drawn. Availability factors thus appear to be significant; there is some evidence that raising the price of alcoholic drinks has the effect of improving road safety. Intensified enforcement combined with random breath testing definitely seems to have beneficial effects if it is also accompanied by extensive publicity. A number of measures directed against drinking and driving by young people have been tried; increasing the legal drinking age (to 21) appears to be a clearly effective measure. There is also some evidence that night-time curfews and especially reduced blood alcohol levels (BACs) have had beneficial effects for this group of young people. Of the sanctions which have been studied, suspension or revocation of the driving licence seems to be the most effective. As regards action to prevent relapse into drinking and driving, there is some evidence that educational programmes have had some positive effects on persons who had not developed alcohol dependence, while for those who have developed alcohol dependence long term treatment seems to be required in order that beneficial effects may be demonstrated. The installation of ignition interlocks in the vehicle, which requires an approved breath sample in order that the vehicle may be started, has been tested to some extent and the results achieved are clearly promising. (A) This publication has previously been published in Swedish, see C 7980 S (IRRD 862559)
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