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Attitudes to cycle helmets : a qualitative study. Prepared for the Department of Transport DOT, Road Safety Division 4.
C 8029 S /83 / IRRD 886265
Halliday, M.E. White, C. Finch, H. & Ward, K.
Crowthorne, Berkshire, Transport Research Laboratory TRL, 1996, 30 p., 3 ref.; Project Record ; S210A / TRL Report ; No. 154 - ISSN 0968-4107

Samenvatting This report presents findings of a qualitative study, undertaken by Social and Community Planning Research, investigating attitudes to the use of cycle helmets. By the means of group discussions, researchers consulted child, teenage and adult cyclists (under 40), including both wearers and non-wearers of helmets. The early chapters detail the methodology, the profile of respondents and views about cycling in general. The focus then turns to the key reasons for wearing a helmet and general observations about helmet use. The unpopularity of cycle helmets is discussed next, particularly issues linked to their look, fit, inconvenience or cost. This is followed by consideration of the protection provided by helmets. Although there was a general consensus that helmets do offer some protection, views varied about the level of this. The final chapter identifies ways to encourage and promote helmet use. Removal of the barriers, by improving the design and other factors, was central to this part of the discussion. Suggestions for actively promoting helmet use on television are also discussed. Finally, response to the idea of making helmet wearing compulsory is explored. (A)
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