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Drunk driving countermeasures : a review of the literature.
C 7980 S /83 / IRRD 862559 (for the Swedish version see: C 8052 S)
Törnros, J.
Linköping, Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute VTI, 1994, I + 130 p., 296 ref.; VTI rapport ; 384A - ISSN 0347-6030

Samenvatting The aim of this study was to summarize the current state of knowledge regarding drunk driving countermeasures. For some countermeasures some conclusions are warranted. Intensified enforcement with random breath testing and, for young people, raising the minimum legal drinking age, are two countermeasures for which positive effects are comparatively well documented. For young people curfew laws and BAC levels also seem to have had positive effects. Of other countermeasures that seem to have had positive effects, raising the price of alcoholic beverages stands out as a significant measure. Of specific deterrence measures studied, licence suspension of revocation clearly seems to be the most effective. (A) This publication was also published in Swedish, see C 8052 S (IRRD 886437).
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