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New South Wales road fatalities and legislation on alcohol, drugs and driving since 1950.
C 7617 (In: C 7541 a) /83 / IRRD 878104
Moynham, A.F. Perl, J. Anderson, S.G. Jennings, S.R. & Starmer, G.A.
In: Alcohol, drugs and traffic safety : proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety T'95, held under the auspices of the International Committee on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety ICADTS, Adelaide, 13-18 August 1995, Volume 1, p. 498-501, 12 ref.

Samenvatting In 1950 the road fatalities were 634. By 1993 the figure had fallen to 581. In terms of fatalities per 100,000 persons it is a drop from 19.9 to 9.7. Legislative initiatives since 1968 have been aimed at diminishing the risk of motor vehicle crashes caused by intoxication. Today it is difficult to drive a motor vehicle in New South Wales without expecting to come under the scrutiny of the law in relation to alcohol and drugs. The laws on alcohol, drugs and driving have evolved over several years for the purpose of spreading a law enforcement net wide enough to ensure that motorists will be deterred from risking their well being and well being of other motorists and law-abiding road users by driving while intoxicated. (A)
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