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Rattfällan : utvärdering av kurs för fängelsedömda rattfyllerister : återfall inom en fyra-årsperiod = Rattfällan (`The TRAP') : evaluation of an educational program for imprisoned drunk drivers : recidivism rate within four years.
C 7496 S /83 / IRRD 873163
Törnros, J.
Linköping, Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute VTI, 1993, II + 15 p., 2 ref.; VTI Meddelande ; 703 - ISSN 0347-6049

Samenvatting In a previous study, it was found that first offenders participating in "Rattfällan" ("The Trap") had a lower recidivism rate than a matched control sample during a two year follow-up. For those with previous sentences, only a weak tendency in the same direction appeared. The aim of the present study was to follow the comparison groups for an additional two-year period. The recidivism rate of the first offenders remained lower than that of the control subjects after three years and also after four years; the reduction was about 1/3, irrespective of the duration of the follow-up period. For those with previous sentences, the recidivism rate was exactly the same in the two comparison groups after three years, whereas after four years it was practically the same. (A)
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