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Economic organization, social framework, human factors and safety : the case of truck drivers : comment on the paper by L. Strandberg `Aggressiveness and accident avoidance properties of heavy freight vehicles'.
C 6534 (In: C 6517 S) /83 / IRRD 847943
Hamelin, P.
In: Proceedings of road safety and traffic environment in Europe in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 26-28, 1990, VTI rapport 366A, p. 89-90

Samenvatting In safety research, the accident rate can be understood as a general effect of the state of functioning of the traffic systems and the accident mechanism as a multicausal phenomena. Studies of truck drivers show that the risk rate of truck drivers involved in an accident is related to duration of work before the accident, and is higher at night than in daytime. Ability to cope with fatigue is also related to length of experience and content of experience. For the paper by L. Strandberg, see C 6533.
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