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Traffic related knowledge, attitudes and risk perception in dutch secondary school children : consequences for traffic education.
C 6495 (In: C 6492 S) /83 / IRRD 841645
Brinks, J.
In: Proceedings of road safety and traffic environment in Europe in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 26-28, 1990, VTI rapport 364A, p. 31-43, 20 ref.

Samenvatting In the Netherlands many cyclists of 12 up to 16 years of age are involved in accidents. Various studies of basic cycling skills and functional abilities required for safe cycling behaviour indicate that these skills and abilities are for the most part adequately mastered. So, other factors that contribute to unsafe cycling behaviour must explain the high accident involvement. From a cognitive point of view the knowledge of traffic rules and signs, the knowledge of rules governing complex manoeuvres and also processing environmental information and linking this information to the proper actions are supposed to contribute to accident involvement, particularly in the age group concerned. Our understanding of the way these factors link to accident involvement is increasing. This paper includes an investigation of 12 - 16 year old children with regard to most of the factors mentioned above. The various findings are presented in some detail and their interrelations pointed out. Finally the consequences these findings have for traffic educational objectives and programmes are discussed. (A)
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