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Proceedings of road safety and traffic environment in Europe in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 26-28, 1990. Vulnerable road users. Future traffic and road traffic informatics RTI. Environment.
C 6492 S /83 /91 /93 / IRRD 841621

Linköping, Swedish Road and Traffic Research Institute VTI, 1990, X + 166 p., 68 ref.; VTI rapport ; 364A - ISSN 0347-6030

Samenvatting The conference was organized by the Swedish Road and Traffic Institute (VTI) and the Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen (BASt), and is covered in four volumes. The contents of the first one deal with vehicle design and development from different points of view. The second one deals with city planning and different aspects of driving speed. The third one deals with the situation of vulnerable road users, Road Transport Informatics (RTI) and environmental impact of traffic. The fourth volume includes papers that deal with campaigns and publicity as well as with enforcement systems for traffic violations. For the abstracts of the papers included in this volume see C 6493 - 6502.
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