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Recidivism of drunken driving can be prevented by medical treatment of alcohol problems in primary ward.
C 3178 (In: C 3159 S) /83 / IRRD 847152
Roos, K.
In: High alcohol consumers and traffic : proceedings of the International Workshop, November 28-30, 1988, Paris, France, p. 285-291, 4 ref.

Samenvatting This paper reports the results of an investigation of 145 convicted drunken drivers including some drug abusers, in Uppsala, Sweden, with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 1.5 per mille or higher who had their driving licences reissued between January 1985 and October 1987. The sample remained under observation by a physician for a further 30 months. The average age of the group was about 40 years; 52% had a criminal record, 74% were skilled or unskilled employees in goods or service production, 38% had had psychiatric treatment. It was found that the reconviction rate amongst these problem drivers was reduced from the Swedish norm of 39% to about 6%.
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