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Drinking patterns and problems among drunken drivers.
C 3165 (In: C 3159 S) /83 / IRRD 847139
Perrine, M.W.B.
In: High alcohol consumers and traffic : proceedings of the International Workshop, November 28-30, 1988, Paris, France, p. 79-98, 14 ref.

Samenvatting As part of a large-scale research program, male motorists convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) (both first offense and repeat offense) and male respondents from the general driving population participated in an extensive two-hour interview, consisting of 463 items including drinking, drug use, driving, drinking-and-driving information and attitudes, as well as personality characteristics. Preliminary data analyses are reported for 547 convicted drunken drivers showing differences between multiple DUI offenders (n.262), first DUI offenders (n.285), and the general driving population (n.402) on such variables as: usual quantity of alcohol consumed per drinking session, more than usual quantity of alcohol consumed per drinking session, amount consumed "last Monday" and "last Saturday", self-reported driving record, other non-traffic arrests, Alcohol Dependence Scale, and the Mortimer-Filkins Scale. The evidence obtained from these personal interviews clearly supports the conclusion that multiple DUI offenders are somewhat different from first DUI offenders, and very different from the general driving population on relevant variables, not only regarding driving after drinking, but also regarding alcohol consumption, drinking problems, and driving problems. (A)
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