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Tayside safe driving project : alcohol problems among drunk drivers.
C 3163 (In: C 3159 S) /83 / IRRD 847137
Dunbar, J.A.
In: High alcohol consumers and traffic : proceedings of the International Workshop, November 28-30, 1988, Paris, France, p. 51-63, 5 ref.

Samenvatting Gammaglutamyl transferase level was measured in drivers at the time of arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. The results were compared with information gathered by the arresting police officers. One-third of drivers over the age of 30 had abnormal gammaglutamyl transferase activities (GGT) at the time of their arrest. Among drivers who require a driving licence for their work and older drivers, a disproportionately high number had raised gammaglutamyl transferase activity indicating problem drinking. In drivers over the age of 30 a strong association was found between gammaglutamyl transferase activities and road traffic accidents, but not alcohol concentrations or previous convictions. These Tayside results have been compared with Finnish studies which indicate that random breath testing in Finland deters social drinkers and detects problem drinkers. Problem drinkers are more likely to be driving in morning traffic when vulnerable road users such as children are about and are more likely to be detected by random breath testing than any other police activity. Such findings indicate a clear need for new measures against problem drinkers among drinking and driving offenders. (A)
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