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New approach to hazardous situations.
C 3133 (In: C 3092) /82 /83 / IRRD 867880
Talens, H.
In: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Safety and the Environment in the 21st Century : lessons from the past, shaping the future, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 7-10, 1994, p. 427-438, 6 ref.

Samenvatting The `Approach to Hazardous Locations' (AVOC) manual was published in the year 1979. The need arose to also provide methods for combatting accidents which do not occur at particular black spot locations. For this purpose, the `Approach taken with Danger Areas' (AGEB) method, and the `Approach to Specific Groups of Accidents' (ASPE) method have been developed. At the same time, the AVOC method has been updated. With the AVOC method the main premise is the geographical concentration of accidents at certain points (most intersections). The AGEB method attempts to ascertain common causes of accidents within a particular area or on a particular route. This is done by: (1) looking for hazardous combinations of road functions; and (2) by determining whether or not the types peculiar to this hazardous combination have indeed taken place. The ASPE method is not based on the premise of geographical concentration. Within the entire administration area of a traffic authority, accidents are sought which have one or more common feature, often a certain traffic behaviour. The application of each of the methods is preceded by a selection process. Practical experience shows that some ambiguity still exists in the method. It also appears that a greater amount of fundamental information is needed.
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