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Proceedings of the `Driver therapy' : a long-term therapy with DUI offenders.
C 3118 (In: C 3092) /83 / IRRD 867865
Sohn, J.M. & Meyer-Gramcko, F.
In: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Safety and the Environment in the 21st Century : lessons from the past, shaping the future, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 7-10, 1994, p. 296-301

Samenvatting This paper describes the German Verkehrspsychologische Praxis "Driver Therapy". The target group consists of drivers who have been classified as both not apted for driving and not eligible for the Medico-Psychological Institutes (MPI) driver improvement programmes. The treatment has been conceived as an individual therapy. This therapy aims at both identifying and at changing the behavioural patterns that caused massive or repeated traffic offenses. The treatment consists of the following four parts: (1) An initial therapy; (2) The actual therapy; (3) The final examination; and (4) an internal multi-step evaluation conducted after the therapy. The aim is to verify the therapy effectiveness. The results of the road traffic probation period of 234 clients with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) offenses have been compiled. It appears that only 13 clients have committed another DUI offence within a three-year period. It is concluded that the therapy of road traffic behaviour is apt to effect a significant reduction of the reconviction probability.
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