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A brief review of cycle helmet effectiveness.
C 2955 (In: C 2953) /84 /91 / IRRD 867565
Hayes, M.
In: Helmets for all : proceedings of a European conference on how to promote helmet wearing for leisure and sport, Stockholm, 26-28 April 1993, p. 23-32, 13 ref.

Samenvatting This paper confines itself to lightweight helmets, and more precisely to cycle helmets, and to the prevention of head injuries to cyclists. The paper focuses on the following four topics: (1) a brief epidemiological overview of injuries to cyclists; (2) an indication of the part that helmets can play in the protection of cyclists; (3) a review of some of the key papers on the effectiveness of cycle helmets in accidents; and (4) an attempt in order to identify any outstanding issues, some of which arise from the review of the literature.
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