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Travel characteristics of pedestrians and pedal cyclists in a British, Dutch and Swedish modelling area. DRIVE Project V1031 "An Intelligent Traffic System for Vulnerable Road Users", Workpackage 5 "Route Choice Criteria Studies".
C 2934 [electronic version only] /72 / IRRD 841872
Schagen, I.N.L.G. van
Haren, University of Groningen RUG, Traffic Research Centre VSC, 1990, 35 p., 9 ref.; ITS Working Paper ; 301 - ISSN 0142-8942

Samenvatting This study looks at a number of travel characteristics of pedestrians and pedal cyclists in specific situations in Bradford (Great Britain), Groningen (The Netherlands) and Vaxjo (Sweden). A random sample of pedestrians in each of the three countries in a preselected traffic situation and a random sample of pedal cyclists in the same traffic situation, but only in the Netherlands and Sweden, were interviewed and questioned about, among other things, trip purpose, origin-destination, route choice motive and actual route choice. The study is meant to produce the necessary input data of a pedestrian and cyclist traffic micro model, one of the objectives of the project. This report only describes those data, that has potentially wider application than input for the model alone. One of the main, though hardly surprising conclusions is that travel characteristics (trip purpose, origin, destination) and composition of the walking and/or cycling population are largely dependent upon the function of he area under study. The situation in Vaxjo and Groningen are both important shopping centres for the town as a whole and the nearby villages. The Bradford area on the other hand has a more local shopping function, and besides that it also has a cultural, recreational and residential function. The influence of age, gender, and traffic intensities upon travel characteristics such as trip purpose and route choice motive is small. The research reported here was conducted under the European Community DRIVE programme by a consortium comprising: the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds; West Yorkshire Highways Engineering and Technical Services; the Traffic Research Centre at the University of Groningen; Department of Traffic Planning and Engineering at the Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University; and HB Modules Ltd.
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