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The case for and against promoting cycle helmet wearing.
C 2766 (In: C 2749) /83 /84 / IRRD 862743
Hillman, M.
In: Traffic management and road safety : proceedings of seminar C (P365) held at the 21th PTRC European Transport and Planning Summer Annual Meeting, University of Manchester, England, September 13-17, 1993, p. 223-232, 20 ref.

Samenvatting During the first few weeks of 1993, the author of this proposed paper will be undertaking a study commissioned by the Cyclists Touring Club to review European, North American and Australian evidence on all the issues surrounding helmet-wearing among cyclists. The study is aimed at clarifying understanding of this contentious issue in order to promote informed professional discussion and political decision-making on the subject generally and on the particular proposition that helmet wearing be made mandatory. Relevant to this will also be analysis from OPCS (Office of Population Censuses and Surveys) mortality statistics of the incidence of death from head injuries over a five-year period among different categories of road users. The aim of the proposed paper would be to summarise the findings of these studies and the conclusions with respect to the efficacy of promoting helmet wearing and on the possibility of it being made mandatory. (A) For related work by the author see IRRD 861039.
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